“500 EURO COCKTAIL” – CJ Bolland

CJ Bolland‘s “500 EURO COCKTAIL” is a musical collision of multi-layered and orchestrated rhythms and bass-lines that takes the listener on an emotional roller-coaster from start to finish.

Darling Nikkie, the mysterious voice featured on CJ’s classic Dance chart hit “Sugar is Sweeter” returns to the studio with CJ and features on the elevating and haunting lead-off single “Freak”. The emotion captured on the spine-chillingly beautiful “Cry” will leave you breathless and reaching for the tissue box. The rest of “500 Euro Cocktail”‘s tracks pulsate across the musical spectrum with a sweet electro-pop smoothness and a harder, typically Bolland-esque, techno-fuelled edge.

“500 Euro Cocktail” not only confirms that CJ Bolland, long-time advocate of the Global Dance scene, is a pioneer of the Techno movement – he remains one of the most respected DJ/Producers in the world.