“Art, Rythme, Ethique” – Micronologie

“Art, Rythme, Ethique”, Micronologie’s latest full-length on Wikkid Records, revisits the old school with some motown samples and conscious lyrics, all the while bringing their mix of rap, funk, soul and spoken word in like a fresh breeze into the hexangonal world of Hip-hop.

Micronologie is a French hip-hop group founded in Rennes in 2005, by K.Oni, Safirius, Casta (MC’s) and Dj Sambal, and now includes production work from Permone (Drum Brothers). Their style lightly mixes R’n’b, Soul, Funk and Jazz with the science of the groove at the centre.

Solid guest appearances from Foreign Beggars, Sun7, Naufalle from Aiwa, DJ Deheb and Panel Large bolster Micronologie’s effort and show not only the strength of their own original work but also their ability to hold their own with a diverse group of collaborators.

These versatile artists sculpt each tune with a solid musical dexterity that allow them to deliver intelligent flows and surgical cuts with poise. They walk in line with the “Native Tongue” concept lifted from American Hip-hop (A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, De la Soul), and are equally nourished from the best of french 90’s Rap (Sages poetes de la rue, Saian Supa Crew, Scred Connexion).