“Global Electro” – Shisha Sound System

Global Electro is a high-octane road trip that careers through the continents; from the beaches of Rio to the plazas of Rome; soaking in the spicy flavours of the Beirut maghreb, and the vibrant, bustling street life of Calcutta. It cruises down the Panama canal, and arrives at the Mexican border dusty and exhausted; but euphoric.

What Bobby Friction [ BBC Radio 1 / UK ] said about Global Elektro : “Habibi is on Global Elektro, an album sent to me by the Shisha Sound System…I’ve gotta say this, you may remember DJ UMB who did this great Arabic Electronic mix on the show a couple of months back, well Wikkid Records have just released this album… it has blown me away… Amazing album… I really, really like it… I can’t go on enough about it.”- Bobby Friction [ BBC Radio 1 / UK ]