Aïwa: The French Kings of Oriental breakbeat.

One of a new breed of Iraq artists establishing themselves in Europe, Aïwa – brotherly duo Wamid and Naufalle – are a French based global music act. Their new album “ElNar” takes breathy vocals and dense instrumentation with a downtown sound you’d hope to hear in better times somewhere in a downtown Baghdad bar.

“All Aïwa’s songs have only one thing in common – they groove,” offers Naufalle.

“I mean that I love music that makes you dance. You can find this in all the traditional Arabic music, there’s always a very groovy pulse even behind the huge orchestra. This is why Aïwa is this mix of Arabic/traditional stuff with black music [such as] jazz, funk, hip hop, dub, etc.)”

ELNAR offers a fantastic body of work, successfully blending Middle Eastern instruments, vocals and sounds with Hip hop and breaks delicately spliced with cutting edge technology. The album features New York’s finest; MC Jamalski (Boogie Down Productions), Says (X Makeena) and Anissa Derkaoui (Algerian singer).

Wikkid Records follows up Aïwa’s second full-length album “El Nar” and their highly successful debut “Yi Yi” with their “Aïwa Remixed” CD series featuring remixes produced by Cheb I Sabba, Transglobal Underground, Nuskool Players, Rise Ashen, RCola, Generic, Sarcastic, Balanced Crew and more…