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"El nar"


Aiwa: The French Kings of Oriental breakbeat.

One of a new breed of Iraq artists establishing themselves in Europe, Aiwa - brotherly duo Wamid and Naufalle - are a French based global music act. Their new album "ElNar" takes breathy vocals and dense instrumentation with a downtown sound you'd hope to hear in better times somewhere in a downtown Baghdad bar.

"All Aiwa's songs have only one thing in common - they groove," offers Naufalle. "I mean that I love music that makes you dance. You can find this in all the traditional Arabic music, there's always a very groovy pulse even behind the huge orchestra. This is why Aiwa is this mix of Arabic/traditional stuff with black music [such as] jazz, funk, hip hop, dub, etc.)"

ELNAR offers a fantastic body of work, sucessfully blending Middle Eastern instruments, vocals and sounds with Hiphop and breaks delicately spliced with cutting edge technology. The album features New Yorks finest ; Mc Jamalski (Boogie Down Productions), Says (X Makeena) and Anissa Derkaoui (Algerian singer).




This 17 track full-length cd shows the prowess this band has for capturing the dubbed-out atmospherics of their live d'n'b / hip-hop experience. Features a tribute to Abdel Halim Hafez.


David Kristian
"Music from the Mermaid Room"
CD - WKDK001


"Music From the Mermaid Room" is a full-length cd compilation currently available now online, which features 13 cuts from the over 120 previously unreleased tracks Kristian recorded between 1993 and 2002. This is the sampler for the 9 volume Mermaid Room series.



David Kristian
"Music from the Mermaid Room"
Volume 01

CD - WKDK101


Mirror: I've noticed you're out more these days, taking notes. Have things changed a lot musically in the past 10 years?

David Kristian: I think the live club scene has become more sophisticated. People are looking for a little more melody and that's really important to me, hearing melodic hooks. Now when I go out, I know I'm going to get to hear something different.


David Kristian
"Music from the Mermaid Room"
Volume 02

CD - WKDK102


Mirror: So melody is important, huh?

D.K.: I think any sort of two-minute song that is going to be played and remembered forever, like the Beach Boys or Simon and Garfunkel, that's the sort of thing I think is what everybody should strive to achieve.


David Kristian
"Music from the Mermaid Room"
Volume 03

CD - WKDK103


Mirror: Which brings us to the Music From the Mermaid Room retrospective.

D.K.: Exactly. Basically, it's all the music that I've been dying to release over the last 10 years but couldn't. It's like them going back, going, "Whoa, look at all this stuff that should've come out over all these years."


Wikkid Massive
Volume One


"WiKKiD Massive" features tracks from The Nuskool Players (UK), Capital J (Toronto), Aïwa (France), David Kristian (Montreal), the A-Men (NYC) and RCola (Montreal). This is a full-length mix-cd showcasing the label's talented international roster and gives access to tracks previously available only on vinyl.



Something Wikkid This Way Drumz


WiKKiD Records compiles new electronic music from Canadian artists David Kristian, Black Market, RCola, Pivot, Vizion, and Below Two Rooms and will release the full-length cd "Something WiKKiD This Way Way Drumz" in early Spring 2003. Follow up releases include artist albums by Black Market, Pivot, RCola and Vizion over the summer.


The Urbanauts
CD - WIK002


These International Platform All-Stars come correct with their full length in full effect! "Think Beck meets Prodigy meets Stereo MCs." - Homebass.com


Hadji & Lmo
Indian Style


Billed as the "Indian Chemical Brothers," Montreal-based Hadji & LMO's private psychedelic reel consists of hundreds of hours of Bollywood flicks acting as the source for samples to be grafted on top of chemical beats under the influence of Tom 'n Ed. When it works - "Mumbai" is a claustrophobic hip-hop panic attack, while "Somewhere in India" hammers out a breaks maelstrom with John Berry-style horn punches - we're lost in the k-hole and life is sweet. When it doesn't - "Le Gayi" is eight minutes of the same vocal loop that actually fades out and reappears for 30 more unnecessary seconds -- it's music that triggers no response. Though the pair don't deliver a grand vision beyond the block-rockin' beats, the beats do indeed rock blocks, and with more time spent in the studio and less on the couch, the world could be theirs. - RYAN WATSON (eyeweekly.com)

Capital J
"Digital Noize"


Capital J - "Digital Noize"

This bombastic plastic barely contains the 18
dancefloor killers mixed by Canada's #1 Scratch
Jungle DJ, and featuring an international roster
of champion MC's!!

"Digital Noize" Tracklisting
01 "What's his name?" feat Armani Reign,Top Cat, Caddy Cad, Navigator
02 "I can't quite understand" (RIP Dylan)
03 "Evil Streets" (J VIP)
04 "Musical Dis Nonstop" feat. Caddy Cad
05 " Hypnotized" feat. Emma Lee
06 "Yeah" Cap'n Crunk
07 "DOYS" Cap'n Crunk
08 "Coca-cola bottle shape" (Tuff mix)
09 "Da Program" (Diss Mix)
10 "Badman Bible" Evil Dread
11 "Mi Gun" Evil Dread
12 "Killer Murderah" Evil Dread
13 "I need your luvin'" Miss Elder & Rubicon
14 "Drop it like it's hard" Cap'n Crunk
15 "Gon Do ish" Cap'n Crunk
16 "Get Crunked" Barry Crunk
17 "Presha Cooka" feat. Ron B. & Tascmoney
18 "We got this" (Daydream mix) feat Ron B. & Tascmoney

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$25.00 USD Europe
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